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Prepare and Attempt!

All questions and answers available BEFORE the quiz starts!

Easy and Fast Payouts!

Win REAL MONEY and transfer in PayTM, GooglePay, PhonePe 

Become a Quizmaster!

Create Quizzes and be a HOST! Invite friends to join.

How To Play


Prepare For Quiz

Learn the Answers from the ‘Preparation Kit’. All 10 Quiz Questions will be asked from these questions only.


Join The Quiz

Join any Quiz using COINS. You can earn more coins by winning quizzes, referring friends or simply BUY THE COINS.


Attempt Fastest

Be fastest to attempt the 10 Questions correctly. Earn money and big cash prizes.


Get the app for these exclusive features

  • Answers available before the Quiz starts. This is what we wanted since childhood. Didn't we?

  • New Quiz generated every hour 9AM-9PM

  • Redeem earned money online to wallets like Paytm/ PhonePe/ or Gpay.

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Frequently asked questions

When are the quizzes?

Multiple Quizzes are generated daily between 9AM to 9PM.

What is the value of Coins?

If you want to withdraw, then 2 coins = 1 Rupee. However, same calculation is not valid when you Buy the coins. Check Wallet to know more.

What is 'Preparation' kit about?

This is a question bank along with answers. The Quiz questions will be strictly asked from this question bank only. Users can prepare for the quiz using this.

How to join Quiz?

You need coins to join any Quiz. Once joined, you can start reading 'Preparation' material. You cannot join the Quiz if participant capacity of any Quiz is full.

How to win?

Based on score, Winners list is generated.Score is calculated based on questions answered correctly in minimum time. You must make it Winners list to win any prize.

How can i withdraw my money?

You can withdraw your money to your PayTM, Gpay,PhonePe accounts. Minimum withdraw amount must be Rs.20. Once requested, money will be transfered within 24 hours.

My registered phone number and PayTM/Gpay/Phone number are different. What shall i do?

There is no problem. Everytime you request for money withdrawl, you can enter any number you want. Money will be transfered to that number.

How much time does it take to recieve money?

It may take 24 hours to transfer the money to your requested number.

When is Quiz CANCELED?

If minimum number of participants do not Join the quiz, it gets canceled. Coins of the joined participants are immediately refunded back.

What is the Quiz duration?

Each Quiz has 10 questions. Each question is of 10 seconds. Total duration : 100 seconds.

When is Quiz MISSED?

If the joined participant fails to finish the the Quiz in 5 minutes(300 seconds) of the start time, it is counted as MISSED. Each Quiz is of 100 seconds.

When are the Winners announced?

Once all the participants finish the Quiz, a Winners list will be generated within 20 minutes. Participants will be informed via push notification.

Are coins refunded if Quiz is missed?

No, coins are NOT refunded in case the Quiz is missed. Please start the quiz on time.

How to use coins?

Coins can be used to join any Quiz. Also, coins can be withdrawn as real money via PayTM,Gpay,Phonepe. Here, 2 Coins = Rs.1.

How to refer a friend?

You can send an invite link to your friends and family via WhatsApp. Invite link can be found in every Quiz or in the side drawer.

Having other trouble?

If you have any other doubts, you can WhatsApp us. Check side drawer for this.


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